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Visage Medi-Spa will officially begin re-opening our doors and we could not be more excited!

We want to make your experience as relaxing as we can, while being as safe as possible. Visage will continue to provide a clean and sterile environment for your treatment but there will also be new protocols and guidelines upon reopening to meet regulations.

Please review the following guidelines prior to your appointment.

Our Re-Opening Plan & Appointment Guidelines

We will be following all state guidelines to keep our home as safe place!

  • All staff will have proper face coverings and face shields. We will be following the same check-in protocols, daily. 

  • Visage will be maintaining the sanitizing and disinfecting on all equipment, tools and spaces in the office in between each appointment. 

  • Please arrive five minutes prior to your appointment.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, kindly wait in your car and contact the office to let us know you are here. The waiting area is closed.

  • Please do not bring any friends or family members to your appointment. If you do, they must wait in the car.

  • Please do not be late, as we need to allow appropriate time in between appointments to properly disinfect and sanitize - and to begin the testing for the next scheduled appointment.

  • Please have your mask on before entering and kept on for the duration of your appointment.

  • Upon entering Visage, we will be taking your temperature, have you wash your hands and complete the COVID-19 questionnaire and release form. 

  • Lastly, take the time for you and relax during your visit!

Contact Us

Phone (631)736-7336

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