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As a person gets older, the natural process of the skin shedding old, dead cells and replacing them with new ones slows down. This slowing can cause dead cells to build up on the outer layer of skin, causing dullness, pore blockage, and an increase in the look of wrinkles. In such cases, crystal microdermabrasion at Visage Medispa of Long Island NY can be used to get rid of the excess dead skin. The process of crystal microdermabrasion consists of blasting the outer layer of skin with crystals and then sucking the dead skin away. The result is skin that is usually smoother, more even, and younger looking.

When a person undergoes a crystal microdermabrasion session at Visage' Medispa Of Setauket Long Island, the professional commonly uses the machine to first vacuum off the skin. This creates suction that helps stimulate lymph node draining and helps increase blood flow to the skin. The increased blood flow helps the skin to restore itself faster. After that, the machine blasts small crystals, usually aluminum oxide, sodium bicarbonate—baking soda—crystals, or different types of salt, onto the face. These crystals work to break up the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin.  Leaving the skin looking brighter and more even.

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