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Benefits of Monthly Facials!

Relaxation and physical touch for most is important for our souls. When you come to Visage' Medispa for any type of treatment we want you to experience a deep revitalization and healing of your soul. This time is for you and you alone. Step into our wellness oasis and experience what you didn't realize you were missing!

In addition to you feeding your soul there are many benefits to having a monthly facial, we have listed some of these benefits below.

Monthly Facial Benefits

Every 28 days the outermost layer of our skin renews itself. During this time our cells are replicating new skin cells whether or not they are healthy cells is up to us.

Having a monthly facial promotes healthy skin by increasing circulation and facilitating the renewal process of skin cells. This helps with anti-aging, and healing.

Deep Pore Cleansing:

Our pore-cleansing facial is designed to deep-cleanse your pores and remove impurities more effectively than our cleansers can at home. Say goodbye to the build-up of oil and dirt. Our specialized monthly facial treatment removes unwanted bacteria, leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


We use exfoliating techniques that are designed to unclog pores, improve product penetration, and even out your skin tone, resulting in a refreshed, glowing complexion. Regular exfoliation helps to reduce acne and prevent more breakouts. Some of our exfoliating techniques stimulate lymphatic drainage for a more oxygenated blood flow that nourishes the skin's surface.

Product Penetration:

Products can take up to 4-8 weeks to start to treat active skin cells, however, accelerating the renewal process with monthly facials, will make these products work faster and more effectively.

Visage' Medispa
Skin Tones

Skin Evaluation:

When our Estheticians see you monthly you both have the opportunity to evaluate your skin condition and determine if any changes need to be made regarding your products and other anti-aging treatments.

Now that you are loaded with this information how will you move forward? We have made the decision an easy one. We will be offering Monthly Memberships starting in the spring, comment below if this is something you think you will take advantage of moving forward!


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